Do You Want

  • The resilience to cope with the messiness of life without feeling like a mess yourself?
  • The courage to take the next steps in your life without being stopped cold in your tracks by fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and procrastination?
  • Healthy boundaries and high standards around who or what you will allow to access your time, energy, and most importantly, your heart?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, I have good news, my friend; 

You’re in the Right Place!

Meet Ramona

I’m Ramona Kossowan, a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner, and Fitness Trainer but most importantly, a woman just like YOU. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see women own who they are and find freedom from the limitations, old stories, and trauma that have kept them constricted, stuck, or barely surviving.

It’s my passion as a coach to use my skills and my personal experience to guide you into that freedom.

My hope is that your life will forever be positively impacted by our work together, and you will experience the beautiful ripple effect of your well-being in your circle of influence. 

Creating space for healing and empowering women changes everything!

How It All Started

You could say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood. As a child, I remember how my mother was able to positively impact our lives and the lives of countless others by sharing her knowledge of holistic health. 

As an adult, I had a strong intuition that I needed to create a heart-driven business of my own.

That desire was reinforced with the end of my maternity leave fast approaching and the dreaded thought of leaving my child at daycare to spend my time at a job that meant nothing to me.

I knew I wanted my work to have meaning.

Whether I felt ready or not, that is when my entrepreneurial journey began.

I first mentored other moms in herbal wellness, and as I evolved as a person, so did my business. In 2017 I opened my private fitness studio, then in 2020, I was certified as an Empowerment Coach. 

I was THRILLED to be doing the work that I love!

The Revelation

During that time, I witnessed many successes as a coach; however, sometimes, I saw women get ‘stuck’ or give up on themselves. They could NOT overcome the emotional struggles that, in a sense, had a stranglehold on them and their dreams.

My desire to better help those clients led me to discover Gentle Trauma Release, and in 2021 I became the first certified practitioner in Canada.

The Result

Within months (even weeks), using the accessible, effective Gentle Trauma Release method, my clients have experienced lasting change and ended a lifetime of “working on it.”

Between You And Me

My journey to discovering my power has been a process. The reality is; that the more you step out of your comfort zone, the more triggers will come up!

Whenever I moved to a new level in my identity and business, my body would ‘freak out’ and invite me back into my familiar self-protection habits like avoiding the hard things, second-guessing my abilities, and procrastinating. 

Have you done this?

No judgment here! I GET IT.

I honestly thought I could just push through and become the person I aspired to be without being vulnerable and without cleaning up old wounds that left a residue of guilt and shame.

This held me back.

I know from experience that suppressing a part of yourself dims your power and magnetism, leaving you feeling empty, uninspired, and disconnected. You may look strong to others, but inwardly you are crumbling. 

The solution for me was to let go of old trauma, wounds, and self-limiting beliefs, and when I did, I experienced profound personal healing. 

What I can offer you as your coach is more than certificates on a wall; I can come alongside you and guide you because…

I have walked the path.

One Woman At A Time

It would be a privilege to share space with YOU.

Whether I support you with your fitness or health, enable you to navigate a difficult life stage, or help you rebuild your identity after trauma, I am confident that I can guide you to a place of peace, empowerment, and freedom to be who you truly are.

To learn more about how I can support you, feel free to reach out to me.

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