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You remember high school chemistry, right? It was not my best subject but I do remember studying the PH scale and the ranges from acid to neutral to alkaline. You also have a PH balance and it may or may not be ideal for your health and energy level. Our body absorbs nutrients more effectively when we are in the neutral or just slightly alkaline PH balance.  I’ll give you a hint…most people struggle with the effects of being overly acidic! 

Some very common issues connected to a long term imbalance in your body’s PH:

  • Structural weakness or inflammation. DO YOU FEEL ACHES AND PAINS ON A REGULAR BASIS?
  • Gout, kidney stones, bladder and kidney concerns, bone spurs
  • Hormone concerns
  • Cardiovascular issues, hardening of the arteries
  • Slow digestion and sluggish colon
  • Yeast or fungal overgrowth
  • Stressed liver function

Your foods and beverages will leave an acid or alkaline residue in the body after metabolism. This is not necessarily reflected in the PH of the food. For example, think of the refreshing lemon slices in your water or a nice juicy orange. Very acidic foods. In your body, however, they have an alkalizing effect. Interesting!

Your body produces acid waste, just a natural byproduct of your ongoing metabolic processes happening every moment. Your kidneys will deal with this. What if you’re not drinking enough water and you also have a raging coffee or pop habit? Your kidneys are trying to “wash the dishes”, cleaning up your blood. Do you think that will work better with a steady supply of pure water or with coffee, energy drinks and cola? If your kidneys are dealing with excess acid , you may end up with acid waste stored in the tissues. Acid waste = inflammation.

Feeling and looking your best would include a lifestyle that brings a healthy PH balance. Glowing skin, energy to get through your day, naturally resistant to illness, eliminative channels like kidneys and colon working well, able to maintain your ideal weight.

Acidosis, or an overly acidic PH, can be an underlying issue that promotes “DIS-EASE” or lack of wellness in almost all areas of your health.

What are you consuming most frequently on the PH scale? Alkalizing or Acidifying foods and drinks? Check out this chart:

NOTICE..the more sugary, refined or processed the foods are, the more ACIDIFYING they are! An easy way to remember what is more acidifying would be to think of the nutrient content. The more “empty” the food is, the more acid forming. Hmmm…there could be something to the idea of eating lots of fruits, veggies and whole unprocessed foods! Of course it’s no surprise that sugary drinks have never been a great choice.

Think about the start of your day for example.  If you eat a bagel and coffee for breakfast, those will both have a very acidifying effect in your body. Your blood PH will need to remain in the alkaline state, so your body has to balance that with alkalizing minerals like calcium and phosphorous. Visualize an antacid tablet for your body. So what has to happen here? Your kidneys get to work and have to “borrow” minerals from your structural system to alkalize the blood. Wow..think about that happening on a regular basis and what that means for your bones and joints.

So what happens if you are eating foods and drinking beverages that are acidifying all of the time? You need to balance that with copious amounts of alkalizing foods and drinks. That may not be realistic, so really you end up living in an overly acidic state.

  • THE FIRST STEP to balancing your PH to a level that promotes VITALITY, YOUTHFULNESS and ENERGY will be AWARENESS.
  • THEN, make a plan with manageable changes. Remember, habits take time. You want a habit, not a crash diet for lasting change.
  • What foods can you increase for a more healthy PH to energize your lifestyle?
  • What foods and drinks are sabotaging your health goals and causing you to gain weight,lose energy and lose minerals? Are they really worth it? We’re not talking about a rare treat.  Think about what you do 80% of the time or more. That’s what really matters.

How about some simple lifestyle TIPS for a more balanced PH and a more energetic LIFE?

  1. Swap out coffee, black tea and pop for green tea, lemon water and herbal tea.
  2. Get sugar out of your life.  It’s an energy kill and promotes weight gain and POOR health in every way. I CAN’T STATE THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH. Try using a little honey, real maple syrup or stevia in moderation. Look to fruit for your “sweet” fix.
  3. Fill your plate with 3/4 alkalizing foods.  Look for crunchy salads, steamed or sauteed vegetables, tons of greens and bright colours.  THESE ARE YOUR VITALITY FOODS.  Leave the other 1/4 for your “beige” foods.
  4. NOTICE HOW YOU FEEL when you eat this way. Yes, you want more of that! Look for new recipes and online communities to support your healthy choices.

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