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What If You Could Break the Cycle of Hustle, Grind, Push, Give Up, and Fail Even If You Don’t Believe You Can?

What if OVERCOMING the motivational issues that keep you from moving forward in life isn’t about doing MORE?

Instead, it was about doing LESS. Doing things DIFFERENTLY.

Imagine what your life would look like if you could finally achieve what you’ve been trying to do for so long in your body, emotions, relationships, and finances.

It’s time to EXHALE and get ready for what my clients call a ”breath of fresh air!” 

And has them saying things like, “I wish I had discovered this sooner!”

Here’s what makes my approach different…

I’m not selling programs; I’m offering effective SOLUTIONS using a combination of my skills in Empowerment Coaching, Fitness Training, and the Gentle Trauma Release method to work with you as a WHOLE being.

It’s an inside-out approach to the transformation YOU WANT!

“When you build your capacity within, you’ll be able to create an empowered identity that matches who you are, not how you’ve existed!” – Coach Ramona

Ready For A Breath Of Fresh Air?

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Umbrella #1 Empowerment Coaching and Gentle Trauma Release

Restored and Resilient Woman

SOS! Relief  * Feel Better Fast!

6 Weeks

1:1 Coaching

  • Gentle Trauma Release

Let’s Begin Right Where You Are!

Do you feel you haven’t been the same since (BLANK) happened? 

Or you don’t know what happened, but you find yourself putting on a  “brave face” to make it through each day, only to collapse into an exhausted puddle on the couch every night.

Do you procrastinate on doing the things you need to do because everything feels SO damn HARD, or distract yourself by spending countless hours on social media and bingeing Netflix while eating snacks that leave you feeling gross?

I see you, and I’ve got space for you.

Let’s return to the hopeful version of you again with the gentle and effective Gentle Trauma Release method. As you restore your nervous system resilience, you will gain the energy and focus you need to establish the routines that will strengthen you on your path to discovering your most powerful self.

Need Immediate Relief?

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Is It Trauma?

You may be experiencing the effects of trauma in a way that isn’t obvious to you!

As a Gentle Release Trauma Practitioner, I have seen the effects of trauma in many ways; in emotions, body, relationships, business, and finances.

To take a deeper look at how stored effects of trauma may show up, click on the link below!

Emotional Freedom & Empowerment Program

6 Months

1:1 Coaching

  • Gentle Trauma Release & Empowerment Coaching

Your Path Foward to Inner Transformation

The solution for you if…

  • You’ve ‘worked on’ yourself and have emerged different, but still, you’re unable to experience the sustainable breakthrough you want.
  • You believe there is MORE, yet your dreams are always out of reach, and your inner critic confirms why you can’t do it! (She’s such a jerk!)
  • You’ve had glimpses of the powerful, courageous woman that resides within. Still, when faced with new challenges, trying times, or difficult people, she seems to go into hiding, leaving you armed with nothing but your default mode of reacting or shutting down.

Is this as good as it gets??

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be; if you are willing to try something different and trust the process, there is MORE!

A quick fix is not what you need when you’ve been through a lot or had to put yourself last for far too long. 

The solution is gifting yourself with the process, grace, and time it takes to heal. It begins with honoring where you are and learning to make yourself a priority.

With my expert guidance, you will feel supported and equipped to connect to your HEART and learn to trust your wisdom and intuition; so you can create a life by DESIGN, not by default, and DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!

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Umbrella #2 Personal Training & Coaching

Empowered AF (Alpha Female): Establish, Elevate & Amplify YOU

Warning! Potential outcomes include but are not limited to stepping into your most FIT BODY yet with a kick-butt empowered identity to match!  

Imagine your life if your Empowered AF self were running the show…

You would:

  • Carry yourself with calm assurance that oozes SELF-CONFIDENCE
  • Feel confident in your body without the need for PERFECTION
  • Healthily choose who you open your HEART to
  • Be UNENCUMBERED by past happenings, or mistakes
  • Learn to value YOUR approval above the approval of others
  • TRUST yourself to follow your innate wisdom and intuition
  • Have clarity and focus as you continue to expand your vision for yourself

That Empowered Woman already exists with you; let’s uncover her. 

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Phase 1

Level 1 ESTABLISH: Restored and Resilient Woman (Feel Hopeful Again)

6 Weeks

1:1 Coaching 

  • Gentle Trauma Release & Empowerment Coaching
  • Micro-goals & habit tracking

We’ll Begin Right Where You Are

Let’s face it; life happens whether you feel ready or not.

Things like accidents, loss (grief), or a health crisis or scare, to name a few, can leave you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, confused, or anxious.  

There are times when you can bounce back and times when things are just NOT that simple. You may be in that space right now, finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other, feeling the duty to care for everyone around you while you neglect yourself. 

You may be unable to put your finger on why you don’t feel like yourself. 

But you just DON’T. 

As your coach, I will meet you right where you are. We’ll work together to identify and release the events that have triggered you.

You’ll find renewed hope and begin to acquire some energy and focus to see your options with clarity so you’ll feel ready to take the NEXT STEP in your empowered journey.

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Phase 2

Level 2 ELEVATE: Energized and Empowered Woman (You Are POWERFUL)

4-6 Months

1:1 Coaching: 

  • Personalized Virtual Fitness and Mobility Program
  • Gentle Trauma Release & Empowerment Coaching


  • Habit and Goal Tracking
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Program (optional)

There are enough workouts that SUCK and diets that DON’T WORK, and surface-level mindset shifts that crumble under pressure… Am I RIGHT!?!! Let’s put an end to those for good! 

You DESERVE better!

Energized and Empowered Woman is a transformative process that goes much DEEPER than body image, tacky motivational quotes, fads, deprivation diets, or brutal workouts— goodbye burpees!

If you are in a space where you’ve acquired some energy and focus, you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone a bit with your training, habits, and confidence building.

Then, this is FOR YOU!

As your coach, I will push you in a way you’ll like—yes, that’s possible! You’ll get the expert guidance, coaching support, and accountability you need to GROW into the new FIT, self-assured version of yourself. 

So you will,

  • Improve how you show up in life for yourself and others in a HEALTHY way
  • Improve how you feel and look in your body (sexy, healthy, strong, or all three!) through a sustainable approach without needing to be perfect
  • Improve how you choose to speak to yourself – tame the voice of your inner critic

You’ll emerge feeling empowered to do whatever you want to do!

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Phase 3

Level 3 AMPLIFY: Empowered AF

Alpha Female (For LIFE)


1:1 Coaching

  • Empowerment
  • Personalized virtual fitness & mobility program


  • Habit and Goal tracking
  • Nutritional Lifestyle program (optional)
  • Community Group Calls

Your Limitless Potential

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel; energy is contagious.” Anonymous

Like an elite athlete or the best of the best at anything, you’ll continue to grow and expand your potential through the ongoing support of a coach who gets you and a community of Empowered AF women to encourage you!


Well-Being is a lifelong journey; it doesn’t end when the “program”’ does, and neither should your growth and support. In this graduated stage of Empowered AF, you won’t have to do life alone; we’ll partner together as you,

  • Explore what it means to live your day-to-day life as your new Empowered AF self and find the support you need when ‘life happens’
  • Potentially become the most healthy & FIT you’ve ever been without the need for perfection
  • Continue strengthening the habits, rituals, and routines that help you feel your best
  • Learn to trust your ability to maintain your emotional, mental and physical well-being long term
  • Balance making yourself a priority while meeting the demands of work, relationships, and parenthood

And you’re invited to join a community of Empowered  AF women who can walk the path with you!

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Not Sure Where To Start?

I would love to help you!

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