Choose YOU – The Self Care Mini-Challenge

Why This FREE Challenge, And Why Now?

It’s hard enough for some women to make self care a priority. It’s easy to let it slide into non-existent.

Let’s make a plan, with my expert guidance, and tangible steps you can start doing NOW, and you’ll be equipped to build on what you’ve started.

Instead of feeling a guilt-driven urge to jump into unsustainable action, let’s just make some small shifts right now and BEGIN.

Revitalize the coming weeks & beyond feeling more energized with zero guilt
Choose realistic, enjoyable progress over perfectionism.
Take tangible steps that you can feel proud of, to enhance your self care.
Embody your WORTHINESS to feel good, without an all-or-nothing approach.

What Will Be Included:

  • 4 recorded coaching videos with your personal empowerment & fitness coach Ramona for easily accessible guidance.
  • Worksheets to follow along and create your unique self care plan.
  • The satisfaction of choosing YOU & taking imperfect action NOW.

What We Will Cover:

Define your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self care.

Creating a priority list of your most supportive practices in each category.

Boundary Setting.

How to put it all together in a way that sticks, so you build a foundation of wellbeing that goes the distance.

This Is NOT:

A cram-as-much-as-you-can in sort of challenge. It’s actually the opposite.

Fluff and platitudes.

BS perfectionism.

Quick fixes.

Shame driven weight loss.

This Is:

A real life shift in the direction you go, in how you care for your body, mind, heart and soul.

A gentle approach, with your current life & capacity in mind.

For women who WANT to feel more in control and proactive in taking care of themselves.

About building a life changing long term lifestyle upgrade; by starting small and beginning.

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About Ramona

Ramona is a passionate coach, dedicated to impacting women’s lives long term by creating powerful shifts in how they nurture their heart, mind, body & soul.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing women fully own who they are, free from limitations, old stories, and trauma that have kept them constricted, stuck, or barely surviving.

Ramona inspires and equips her clients to build a new, empowered identity as the foundation that supports their goals, desires and dreams.

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