Energized & Empowered Body

Let’s bring your inner rockstar out to play, shall we?

Open enrollment for the Energized & Empowered Body 6 week pilot program starts now!

We have spots for 10 women to experience this program together, with tons of value included at a reduced cost, so you can help me to fine tune my future versions of this service.

If this speaks to you, go ahead and claim your spot!

This is for you if you want to…

Get more active in a way that’s REALISTIC for you, allows you to progress and makes you feel GOOD.
Build some new habits that are sustainable.
Set the foundation to make your well being a priority LONG TERM.
Feel more resilient emotionally.
Make some progress in specific, attainable goals that energize you.
Connect to the energy of a positive group and a coach who has your back (instead of struggling around in DIY mode).

This is not for you if…

You’re looking for a quick fix or shortcut.
You’re not coachable.
You like burpees and sh*t that sucks (ha ha just kidding, we still love you if you love burpees).

What’s Included:

On the Ramona K Coaching App

  • Access on demand to your personalized virtual resistance training & mobility program that is suited to your abilities
  • Track your habits & goals based on your priorities.
  • Direct access to your coach (me!) through personal messaging.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Flexible approach to being active, including all the outdoor activities you enjoy (connect your favorite activity tracker if you like!).

In the private Facebook group:

Personal Empowerment coaching interventions & tools to support your emotional resilience, including:

  • Weekly live coaching videos with replays available for your convenience.
  • Mentorship & encouragement.
  • Taming the Inner Critic.
  • Building your Empowered Identity.
  • Setting boundaries.
  • Making friends with your body.
  • Reframing sabotage, procrastination & perfectionism to let go of guilt.

Sign Up Now To Claim Your Spot In Energized & Empowered Body!

This is your exclusive opportunity to be part of the first launch before I increase the price and likely reduce what’s included the next time around.


$349 CAD



$179 x 2 CAD


This introductory price is a fraction of what this service would cost on a 1-1 level, and you still get a ton of access to me to support you.


When is it?

Early access (in the private Facebook group) begins May 15, 2023, for a bonus week of coaching, so you can set the stage for your next steps and get “warmed up”. You’ll start being supported right away!

The full program, including access to your workouts,  runs from May 23 – July 3, 2023.

Do I need to be available at specific times? What if I go on vacation?

No, this is self paced and any videos that are offered live will be available on replay. This program is designed to be accessed from anywhere you have internet or data service, with training and activity options that suit your location and schedule. Just let me know that ahead of time, so I can set you up with what you need.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Reach out to me here, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

About Ramona

Ramona is a passionate coach, dedicated to impacting women’s lives long term by creating powerful shifts in how they nurture their heart, mind, body & soul.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing women fully own who they are, free from limitations, old stories, and trauma that have kept them constricted, stuck, or barely surviving.

Ramona empowers her clients to build a new, empowered identity as the foundation that supports their goals, desires & dreams.

Terms & Conditions

Coaching services provided are not intended to replace a medical assessment, diagnosis, or treatment. Because there are always risks when starting any new fitness, diet, or therapy regimen, be sure to check with your doctor or medical provider before you begin. This is not intended to give you advice, but to empower you to make the best choices for yourself. The results that you get from coaching and personal training are unique to the individual, and largely depend on your own actions. You agree to show up and participate. You acknowledge that there will be additional forms and waivers to sign before beginning your program, depending on the type of services you’re receiving.

There will be no refunds issued if you don’t show up and participate. As per the Alberta Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to cancel services within 10 days of purchase, However, fees for services already provided until the point of cancellation will be deducted from your refund amount.

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