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This page is for both men and women who are entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, or anyone who is on a journey of personal growth that is stepping you out of your comfort zone, from a perspective of how to support your well being on this journey.

Here are some resources to support your well being – physical, emotional, and mental health – while you engage in the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.

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About Ramona

Ramona is a passionate coach, dedicated to impacting client’s lives long term by creating powerful shifts in how they nurture their heart, mind, body & soul.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing people fully own who they are, free from limitations, old stories, and trauma that have kept them constricted, stuck, or barely surviving.

Ramona empowers her clients to build a new, empowered identity as the foundation that supports their goals, desires & dreams.

Shift From Resistance To Resilience

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