Mindfulness & Your Nervous System


How often do you go through the day on auto-pilot? Rushing from one task to the next; stressed out. Everyone else seems to be like this, so it must be normal and okay, right?  Well…how do you FEEL? Tense muscles, poor sleep, sluggish colon, slow libido, digestive upset? These symptoms are whispering to you that it’s not OK. If you listen NOW, your body may not have to yell at you a little louder.

Let’s think about your nervous system’s role in this. It will interpret how YOU perceive your environment and react accordingly. Your sympathetic nervous system will get you fired up for action. This is necessary when you are driving in traffic, have a project due at work or need to deal with problems your children are having at school. Unfortunately, your body cannot differentiate, at least chemically, between running ten minutes late for work or running away from a sabre toothed tiger. The same stress response chemicals flood your body. Muscles tense, heart beats faster, blood is moved away from digestive organs, elimination shuts down.  All in preparation for your perceived emergency.

Now let’s think about the opposite response with your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you to wind down. Imagine how you feel at the end of the day, relaxing with a hot cup of tea and your favourite book or TV show. Blood moves back to digestive organs, muscles relax, elimination is enabled, sexual arousal is aided, healing and self-repair takes place. Can you see where there might be an imbalance in your lifestyle between the two nervous systems? They both normally run autonomously, without conscious effort on your part.

How about a tip that will allow you to ACTIVATE your parasympathetic nervous system ON DEMAND? And it’s FREE.

*** BREATHE ***
Yes, it’s that simple. Controlled, deep belly breathing will ACTIVATE your parasympathetic nervous system intentionally and allow its calming benefits to take place. Right in the middle of your day. Take a moment to just focus on your breath and quiet your racing mind. Inhale deeply from the belly and exhale slowly and fully. Repeat. Place your hands over your belly to help with your awareness if you’re not driving or something. Of course the benefits will be even greater if you can take a quiet five minutes alone. But whatever you’re doing, just focus on your breath. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. Try it!!  I’d love to hear from you about it.

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