What do you believe? 

What do you believe about your health, body image, relationships, opportunities, self-worth, and potential?

Do you actually believe that you can evolve for the better continually? Or deep down does something whisper “this is as good as it’s going to get”?

Whatever you believe is showing up in your life. You’ll find a sneaky way unconsciously to make it so.

“I have no self-control” = TRUTH.

“I can’t lose weight” = Endless struggle with weight.

“I just don’t like exercise” = You never find an exercise that you like.

“My body is falling apart” = You stop trying to find solutions.

“I’m too busy to take time for myself” = You never make yourself a priority.

Are you struggling with bigger issues? Many women I’ve connected with have had challenges with migraines, arthritis, injuries, digestive upset, migraines, hormonal upheaval, and so much more.

What’s really exciting is that the women I’ve coached who didn’t ACCEPT this as their final destination were WILLING to think outside the box with a “root cause” approach, and had the COURAGE to take action achieved HUGE changes in their physical, mental, and emotional well being. Quite often in a short period of time!

Belief can be a GREAT gift that gives you the courage to keep going, or an anchor that’s keeping you stuck.

Just for today, how about if we talk about your beliefs around your vitality, health, and quality of life?

I know it’s been a hard year and that’s probably reflected in how your body feels right now.

If you feel like you’ve failed your body in some way, or perhaps that your body is failing you, you’re not alone in this!

The message I’d love to share is that you absolutely can feel better and improve your health SO MUCH if you’re open to thinking outside of the box.

Reject the prognosis “I can’t feel any better than this. I’ll just try to manage the symptoms and push on”.

NO way! You deserve to feel the best you possibly can, so you can LIVE the way you want to live, not just surviving.

First, get emotionally equipped. If you’re too stuck emotionally it’s hard to make changes for the better. So many women flounder when their emotions get in the way. 

How do you get emotionally equipped?

Here’s where I can help. As a Personal Empowerment Coach certified through the world-class S.W.A.T Institute, I help you to get to the bottom of emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

As you rise up to your more empowered self, other changes are easier to take on in your life. What seemed overwhelming before suddenly becomes manageable.

You become courageous and willing. That’s when your power shows up!

Here’s what my client J had to say:

Thank you so very much, Ramona. I really enjoyed the sessions and feel that they really helped me to get rid of some of that negativity that can cloud over my brain and prevent me from seeing the good. 

Then what?

Add more vitality to your life!

As a certified fitness professional, Nature’s Sunshine herb specialist, and weight loss coach we can figure out what steps make the most sense for you.

  • A personalized holistic health program.
  • A personalized fitness program.
  • Goal setting and habit tracking.
  • Coaching and expertise.
  • Weight loss and healthy lifestyle coaching.

Your solution might be as simple as a herbal program that builds the foundations of your health like your digestion, gut, and sleep.

If you’re ready for more of a challenge and feel ready to tackle bigger goals, I’ve got that covered too! When your training, coaching, and mentoring are virtual there are no limitations on your schedule or location.

If you do nothing more today, just reflect a little on what parts of your life, especially your vitality, are not a true reflection of your authentic self.

Does your life reflect who you really are, who you want to be, or how you want to feel? If not, chances are there’s a belief there somewhere that needs to have a light shone on it. 

Examine, question, and get curious about what you deep down really believe.

What are you willing to accept, and what can you reject?

How would it feel to believe that you deserve better?

Get ready to claim it.

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