Why New Habits & Big Goals Fall Short

Did you know that it’s very hard to sustain long term action that is way outside of what matches your identity or how you see yourself unconsciously?

This is why new habits and big goals sometimes fall short.

How many times have you tried something new that you really wanted (like getting into shape, not dating losers, reducing screen time, cutting back on wine, or eating more veggies) and worked hard at it for a while, then slid back into your old ways? Or even sabotaged your results?

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with you. 

You just haven’t nurtured, cultivated, and removed the obstacles to become the person that you need to be to experience what it is that you want.

IF your body believes subconsciously “I’m not disciplined, I’m lazy, I’m not attractive, I’ll never be successful” or whatever garbage is hanging out in the basement of your beliefs, eventually your body will STRONGLY RESIST doing something that does not align with who you think you are.

One of the principles taught in Atomic Habits is that IDENTITY is the missing piece in establishing any kind of transformation.

Whether your goal is to…

  • Grow or launch a business,
  • Make a career change,
  • Feel healthy and strong in your body,
  • Establish habits that create a sense of well being, focus, and self care,
  • Create healthy new boundaries.
  • Cultivate reciprocal relationships that feel good and add value to your life,

…if you’ve sabotaged in any of these areas, you likely haven’t given yourself enough “proof” in incremental steps until you believe it and just become “that person”.

If you have trauma in your system, this will also greatly impair your ability to be focused, creative and sustain the energy you need for bigger and uncomfortable changes.

If any of these are a struggle for you, this is where I can help you with the identity portion, so you can close that gap between how you  unconsciously see yourself and what you’re able to experience in your life.

This may not be visible to you because if you’re carrying trauma in your body, that’s going to affect how you see yourself and everything in the world.

And it’s unconscious.

If you’re trying to just work on your mindset, motivation, and goal setting, it’s no wonder you might have struggled, fallen short, sabotaged, or just stalled out in some way.

That missing piece may be the trauma work and the identity building.

If you’re not sure whether Gentle Trauma Release is something you might benefit from, reach out to me and let’s chat.

I’d love to connect with you and share who I help with this identity building process, and how this might be able to support you with what you truly want.

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