Feel Like Yourself Again

Spring 2020 was tough. 

Even though you still have some real challenges in your life, if you’re feeling the stirrings of “I want to feel more like myself again”, I hear you.

If you lacked “motivation” and let all of your normal healthy habits slide in the last 3 months, I’d say you’re pretty normal.

If your weight has crept up and it’s the last thing you want to deal with right now, I get you!

If you’ve adopted some new unhealthy habits to cope with anxiety and upheaval, that’s normal too! You are completely and utterly human. 

Don’t let guilt or regret hold you back now. You survived a difficult, stressful time and you survived in your own way.

Did you cocoon with Netflix, chocolate, and Doritos? Wine? Coffee by the gallon? Zone out on social media and the news?

The fog is lifting. You want more, and you’re done with feeling low.

Summer is here. 

If you’re ready to feel more like yourself, comfortable in your body, and inspired to care for your body and soul despite uncertainty, I’m here to support you with this.

How do you want to show up for yourself this summer? To feel empowered?

You can’t control everything going on of course. But you can control how you respond. Feeling healthy, energetic, and clear-headed will bring you to a better place. 

Taking care of yourself will make you feel more empowered emotionally and physically.

You may feel like Lynne, a woman in her sixties, who I connected with last month.

Lynne struggled with very low energy. All of the time. Month after month, year after year.

For Lynne, thinking about an exercise program or even any major overhauls to her diet would feel overwhelming. What can she do?

We decided that getting her natural energy up was the most important thing. How can you take on anything new when you’re running on fumes continually?

Lynne and I completed a Lifestyle Analysis to determine which body systems most needed support. 

Lynne chose to start with a natural health program, working on the root causes of low energy. We set up a daily regimen with Nature’s Sunshine products that support the gut, the glandular system, and some superfood ingredients to have in a smoothie daily. That’s it!

Here’s what Lynne had to say after TEN DAYS.

“I’ve only been on the products for 10 days. I haven’t seen this much improvement from the previous products I’ve been on and that was for over six months! My bursitis in my hip hasn’t been bothering me near as much.”

“Oh and the bowel stuff! I have suffered with constipation and hemorrhoids ever since I had my daughter (44 years ago). But the past 10 days have been unbelievable! Regular, normal bowel movements every single day like 2-3 times! I’m like WOW! Hemorrhoids are almost nonexistent! So THANK YOU for steering me in the right direction!”

View Lynne’s Health Program

This is the kind of thing that gets me REALLY excited! 

If Lynne can feel better, so can you. This I know.

If you are a woman who feels like Lynne did, I need to be able to support you right from where you are at. First things first, one step in front of the other. 

If I’m a super motivated fitness trainer all fired up to get you working out, and you feel like Lynne did, I don’t offer you anything.

My summer programs have two women in mind, with the first one being more like Lynne.

 Are you not quite ready to take on structured, challenging workouts, or detailed food plans?

That’s ok.

What would make you feel more like yourself, maybe better than ever, in a way that’s realistic?  While still getting results? While still feeling accountable and supported?

Let’s focus on getting you to a better place..maybe better than ever..in a way that’s simple and effective. 

Let’s focus on the root causes of low energy and low mood, and the daily habits or lack of vitality that keep you there.

Let’s set some realistic goals around habits and lifestyle tips that you can REALISTICALLY do, track, and feel successful in. While fully enjoying your summer!

Let’s get you connected with a coach, in a very affordable program, to give you just enough guidance, support, and accountability to make it stick.

The program starts July 1st, 2020. 

Can’t wait!

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