Channel Your Frustration into Results

The last couple of months have been an emotional minefield. How has this played out in your health? Fitness? Self-confidence? Sleep and mood?

Are you sooooo over the inertia of March and April? You cocooned for a while, but now you are ready to come back to life. You’ve had enough of the news, the couch, and emotional eating.

With summer here, it’s like a burst of freedom and a chance to regain your connection to your body. 

You are ready to feel stronger emotionally and physically.

You can’t control everything, but you CAN control THIS. You can make choices that instantly level up your energies, outlook, and body.

If this sounds like you right now, then I’m speaking directly to you. As a Personal Empowerment Coach, I know that you can channel emotions like anger and frustration into action. Positive action.

Your emotions can be the jet fuel to level you up, giving you courage and the will to rise higher.

Are you at that point? If not, my last blog is more about the woman who’s ready to shift up in a gentler way. Honour your emotions right now. 

Today I’m speaking to the woman who is ready to fuel those pent up emotions into action. This is how you shift higher both emotionally and physically.

Without beating yourself up for being slack, and without pushing yourself too hard. You just want MORE for yourself!

I recently invested in some coaching for MYSELF. YES! Even though I’m a trainer and a coach, I knew I needed something to reach for, and what better way than being coached? Now I have a reason to challenge myself and the structure to create an even better me. 

If I’ve struggled, with all of my training and experience, I can’t imagine it’s been a cakewalk for women like you whose daily focus is not to live and breathe health and fitness. 

I’ve created the summer program Strong Summer Active Woman to support you.

 If this is where you’re at. 

Ready to be active. Stronger. Supported. Accountable. Coached. Energized.

I’d love to see you START summer feeling fresh and focused a little more on YOU, so you can FINISH summer with your mindset strong, waistline intact, your habits strengthened, and those tight muscles in your trouble spots a little bit happier.

How does this sound to you so far?

Here’s how I’m prepared to support you with the Strong Summer Active Woman virtual program:

  • Personal goal setting consultation
  • Weekly indoor/outdoor workouts with minimal equipment
  • Full tutorial exercise videos on Healthy Fit app
  • Mobility work for trouble spots
  • Habit goals & tracking
  • Direct messaging to your coach
  • Habit based goals and tracking


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