Focus on Feeling Better…the Rest Will Come

How do you decide when and how to take action for your health?

When your doctor gives you a stern warning, or when you have a health scare?

When you don’t like your weight or body shape?

When it becomes the norm for you to feel aches, pains and fatigue?

When you see your spouse, friends or co-workers making changes for their health?

When a new year rolls around and you feel like turning in a new direction?

All of these can be a reason to start making some changes and taking care of yourself. However, if you’re focusing too much on the external and not making peace with the idea of PERMANENT lifestyle changes, it can be pretty tough to actually make it to the part where you see and feel the PAYOFF.

It takes time and consistency to change your health, but it’s very ACHIEVABLE.

In fact, many of my clients start to feel better within WEEKS.  Then a few months later, they’re feeling better than they have in YEARS.

This is significant…YEARS.

How much would you give to feel better than you have in YEARS… a few months from now?

Here is what Renee B of Calgary had to say:

“Ramona gave to me new awareness of what feeling healthy is. Her workout programs are challenging, and the nutrition side is good as well. I feel better in my whole body after 3 months on her program than I have in years!”

My most successful clients (at seeing and feeling a change or transformation) have one thing in common.

They want to FEEL better. Now and for years to come.

Focusing on FEELING better, and making decisions that support this long-term goal, takes the pressure off.

You’re eating foods that energize and satisfy you. Without obsessing about every bite.

You’re noticing how much more clearly you think when you’re hydrated.

You’re avoiding sugar that fogs your brain, zaps your immune system and makes you feel depleted.

You’re showing up for your workouts, even when it’s easier not to and you can’t really see the difference just yet. You work out now because you know it makes you feel awesome.

You’re using supplements that support your healthy gut, reduce inflammation and protect your body from the effects of stress and toxins.

You’re not fixating only on fat loss or shape. That will come.

You’re not expecting miracles in three weeks when your hormones, stress, metabolism or gut function have been sub-par for years or decades.

You’re not flinging yourself into a fad diet or exercise regime that isn’t sustainable for you. It’s not a race, and time is your friend.

Time + consistency + the right program + the right mindset = RESULTS.

Let’s hear from another woman who took action for her health and is seeing and FEELING the results:

Jaimee knew that weight loss was one of her goals, however her number one priority was getting her natural energy back. The inches are coming off, but more importantly she feels more like herself again and is now empowered to continue on her own. She doesn’t feel lost, like she’s going “off” a diet.

“After finishing the Inform program (with Healthy Fit), I am feeling great! My energy levels are great; something I never thought I could overcome. I feel like I now have the tools needed to sustain a healthier lifestyle.”

Jiamee S, Airdrie AB

I encourage you to step back from any sense of overwhelm or guilt about what you should or could be doing, or fear that you can’t reach your goals.

Start. Get some support and expertise if you can’t get there on your own.

You can feel amazing. You WILL look amazing.

Let’s start with getting you feeling better. Then even BETTER. Until you’re rocking it!

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