Jenn Overcame Migraines!

Jenn is a woman in her forties who wanted to look into holistic options to help with chronic migraines.

I’m lucky enough to say I’ve never had a migraine, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to deal with this kind of debilitating pain on a regular basis.

Is this something you struggle with?  It’s not a one size fits all approach, and Jenn had exhausted all of her medical options. There was nothing more her doctor could do for her. 

Jenn was having to take 2 kinds of painkillers to get through the day. Almost every day. This is not a good situation, but she just needed to survive!

How disheartening!

Jenn and I connected for a call, and we did an online Lifestyle Analysis Questionnaire to get an overview of her vitality and what might be at the root of it. 

Jenn had been in a traumatic accident years ago, and hormones were also appearing as part of the picture. Jenn’s self care (like getting massages) and physical activity had also dropped due to extra demands on her time as she finished a course and her chiropractor and massage therapist had been closed due to the pandemic.

We strategized about how we could work on her health with a root cause approach. Let’s get inflammation down naturally, support her glandular system herbally and see what happens. The worst that would happen is we’d have to go back to the drawing board and tweak her program.

I’m SO HAPPY to report that Jenn has had an amazing turnaround in her quality of life. YAY JENN!  This is in just six weeks!

Jenn started her health program June 10, has not been taking medications, and has only had ONE major headache since then. This is coming from regular, frequent MIGRAINES and taking over the counter painkillers DAILY.

Here’s the approach that Jenn took. She added 2 daily supplements from Nature’s Sunshine that alkalize the body and have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, plus an herbal formula that supports the adrenals and thyroid. 

Here are the products Jenn is using:

Jenn also took some time away from her schedule to go back to some of her physical activity and self care to keep her “tuned up”. No one feels good sitting in front of a computer all day!

That’s it!


When you get some experienced advice to help you hone in on the right products for YOU, plus choose a company like Nature’s Sunshine that provides the essential high quality herbs and botanicals, the results can be life changing. And it’s so simple!

How could you feel better?

Email me to find out more about supporting your health naturally. I’d love to see you experience a breakthrough like Jenn has. 

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