Release is a Good Thing

Pent up tension needs to be released. Let’s talk about how this can show up in how you feel emotionally and physically.

Do you forget to stretch? I have my trouble areas, and my hips are one of them. If I don’t give my body the TLC it needs, those hips will get downright angry with me sometimes 🥵!

Since you’re human, your body will have its movement patterns that compensate and lead to pain and dysfunction.

Normally, if I start walking or working out more that equals more hip pain. That’s really annoying when I want to get more fit. More fit should not equal more pain (other than some temporary muscle soreness now and then). 

I’ve included a bonus for you, a demo of a wonderful stretch you can do as a warmup or cool down, or on its own.

Since adding this to my regimen I’ve really improved! 😅 My online training clients now have more mobility work in their programs, too. I want you to feel strong and move freely!

Let me know what you think!

If you are curious about how you can work on your mobility, email me  and we can chat. 

How about emotional release? Are you holding in emotional tension? Since we’ve established already that you’re human 🏃‍♀️then likely, YES.

How does this show up in your life? You will have your own way of dealing with unprocessed emotions and pain, and if they don’t allow for release in a healthy way they will be destructive. To you or others.

If you are like many women, you might avoid this release with endless “busyness” that distracts you from feeling, keeps you up in your racing mind, and “looking after” everything and everyone while this tension or pain builds up. Maybe throw in some chocolate too, for extra comfort. I get it. 

You might feel weak to allow yourself to cry, or just be present in uncomfortable emotions so that you can just allow them to pass through you. It’s very healthy and necessary to cry. Think of it as a volcano that’s allowed to vent some steam out instead of exploding and decimating everything in its path with a massive eruption.

Do you need a safe place to be heard and validated? That’s what I’m here for as a coach. It’s not the same to talk to friends or family. They have their own issues going on, or they may not have the mental space to really be there for you in a detached and neutral way, without jumping in with well meaning advice.

As I complete my practice calls as a Personal Empowerment Coach, I’ve witnessed powerful shifts in the women I’m coaching as they allow themselves to be heard and validated in a safe place with no judgement.

Some of the comments from my practice call clients:

“That was insightful and soul awakening.”

“I feel HOPE.

“I’ve had so much RELIEF.

This is within a THREE CALL window. This is EXHILARATING to me!

One thing you can do on your own is start to recognize when you’re running on empty and frazzled. Allow yourself to step back and ask “What am I feeling right now, behind the busyness? What do I need to give myself?”.

“What you resist, persists”. –Crystal Andrus Morissette

If you allow yourself to feel and not judge the emotions, you will be able to allow them to pass through you instead of bottling up and resurfacing in your health and relationships. Journaling, crying and physical movement can all be a way to help your body release emotions once you acknowledge them.

I’m SO excited to be launching my coaching practice very soon. I love to see women stepping into their lives as their true selves, empowered and free from the lies that told them they weren’t good enough. I could LITERALLY do this all day!

Take some time for yourself today, and listen to what your heart and body are really needing. You matter, and your needs are valid and important.

Speaking of release…stay tuned for the next blog about headaches!

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