Your fat is NOT the problem!

What if I told you that your “fat” is not the problem?

Are you used to fixating on this?

Let’s stop there. Firstly, you are so much more amazing than the sum of your body parts.

If you are getting geared up to fix your fat once and for all in 2020, maybe pause for a second.

Have you been struggling, battling, guilty, starting and stopping, and exhausted? Flinging yourself into punishing workouts and deprivation diets, only to quit within a few weeks or months?
How disempowering is this cycle? How can you show up in the world with all of your gifts and uniqueness if you’re fixated on your fat? How many amazing women are afraid to speak up and be seen in the world, because of some extra body fat?


Yes, it is great to be healthy. I want this for you! VERY MUCH.

Yes, I want you to feel youthful and amazing. I want you to glow from the inside out and have a spring in your step, walk tall and feel UNSTOPPABLE.

But how do you feel this way, without fixating on fat? Fat is a triggering word, isn’t it? Maybe it triggers judgement of yourself or others. If you’re honest about this, it is.

If you have excess weight and it’s a health risk (even 10 extra pounds can make a difference) or your self-esteem has dropped because all of your clothes are too tight, I understand and I’ve been there.

Here’s how I’ve had success with body transformation.

  •  Stop focusing on outward appearances.
  •  Start focusing on the inner terrain.


What is inner terrain? I’ll name three areas to strengthen.

1–Emotions come first.
Every woman I’ve met who’s had serious struggles with weight was carrying some emotional burdens. Myself included. When I had 40lbs of extra weight I was stressed out and “stuck” in my life, so of course that reflected in what I put into my body and how I cared for myself.

As I dive deeper into Empowerment Coaching, a certification I’m so excited to be working on, I clearly see this missing link in helping you achieve the health and vitality you crave. When you get to a more empowered level emotionally;
That is when you are able to see all of your choices.
That is when you feel courageous and willing.
That is when you can take action toward what your heart desires (or away from what you don’t want) and stop backsliding.

If you are stuck in a cycle of shame and guilt, this is not the time to start a massive diet and gym schedule. You will sabotage yourself subconsciously. Make sense?

Inner Terrain continued…

What else is holding you back?

2– Your gut health.

This doesn’t mean you have a diagnosable medical problem. If you live in North America, you likely could use some work on your gut.

Why? Overgrowth of unhealthy microbes from processed food, sugar, medication, stress, inflammation, and the never ending environmental toxins. The toxins from the imbalance in your gut affects your mood, HORMONES, cellular energy, gut lining inflammation, thyroid function and SO much more. Start with the gut, you can’t go wrong with this.

MORE inner terrain….

3–Your other body systems that are really important in weight management (plus your health) are your glandular system (like adrenals and thyroid) and your liver.

You’ve likely pushed your body hard (or just felt stressed for a long time) and your adrenals become fatigued, so your cellular energy is low. How can you feel great about life when your cellular energy is low? Never mind get into great shape and lose extra body fat. That’s just exhausting. This will show up in your hormone function, too. No matter what your age. If your hormones are causing your grief, you could use some work on your gut.

How about the liver? If you have yo-yo dieted and lost weight, you’ve released toxins that were stored in your fat. This creates stress in your body, and if your liver is already burdened, this will go right back into newly created body fat. How FRUSTRATING! Because now it’s even HARDER to lose the fat, right?

Your inner terrain is supported with the IN.Form health transformation program that I coach. This is a personalized, holistic program. Here is a testimonial from one of my most recent participants, Jaimee.

“Before I started the IN.Form Program (with Healthy Fit), I was napping up to three times weekly. I felt drained and exhausted every day after work.
One of my goals when I started my program was to increase my energy levels. After the FIRST WEEK of the IN.Form program, I felt results.
I didn’t feel like I needed to nap; when my alarm went off, I was ready for the day.
Now, a month into the program I am continuing to feel energized!
No more sleeping in, no more naps. I am so pleased with the amount of energy I have after a long day on my feet at work.”


NOW, once you’ve given your INNER TERRAIN some attention, you can work on some OUTER changes.

Let’s talk about three outer changes.

1. Food choices that reduce inflammation, feed the “good guys” in your gut, and allow you to release fat and build muscle in a healthy way. For good, not just 3 or 6 months. This is part of the “how” that may have been missing for you in the past.

2. Coaching and accountability to work toward realistic, achievable goals. Everyone needs a coach sometimes. You will work harder and go further with some expert guidance and support. Don’t keep doing the same old things and hope for a better result this time.

3. Physical activity that your body will respond to and be challenged in a healthy way. If you’re on the “better” side of forty, you are either actively building your lean muscle mass or losing it. When your activity WORKS for your body, your personality, your physical abilities, schedule and location, you will be successful! Yay, I LOVE to see you feel successful!


How about if you join me in setting some INTENTIONS for 2020?

What words reflect your intentions? I like to choose several words that reflect what I want to show up in my life for the year.

Pick some words. Strong. Willing. Loved. Resilient. Capable. Confident. Worthy. Energized. Inspired.

No grand, sweeping resolutions.

You can start right NOW. Don’t give yourself permission for a complete backslide in your health in December. You don’t need a specific date on your calendar. Start. If you screw up, which you will, forgive yourself and carry on.

Now pre-booking spots for January 2020 In.Form health transformation & weight loss coaching. Apply here for a mini coaching session to see if we’re a good fit for your goals. I will give you some tips, regardless of whether you choose to work with me. Special perks for early bird pre-sale to help you get through the holidays intact!

Start Here


Wishing you much inner peace, personal growth and success as you wind down 2019 and step into 2020.



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