Ditch the Guilt!

How do you feel about the holidays?

Whether they’re super fun for you, stressful, a little bit of both, or maybe even sad…chances are that you’ve thought more than once or twice about your weight. Maybe a LOT.

  • Panicking as the scale creeps up.
  • Numbing out in front of the TV while you eat.
  • Feeling like you’ve lost control as you devour the goodies at work.
  • Mindlessly noshing on appetizers and sugary cocktails at parties.
  • Grabbing takeout on your way home from work.

Are you fretting about how you will keep up with your meal planning while you run around like a lunatic between work, wound up children in their last days of school before break, Christmas pageants and band concerts, shopping and oh don’t forget to CLEAN your house!

While you’re at it, don’t forget your cards and stop in to visit your great aunt and volunteer in your community too.


How about if you just LET IT GO?   

What’s the worst that could happen?


If you’ve been very mindful and healthy about your eating all year long, then a few festivities with decadent food won’t really matter that much in the long run.

If you’ve been physically active and working out all year, missing a couple of workouts while you travel out of province to visit your family won’t be a big problem.

If you’ve not been eating well or physically active for the last 11 months, you’ll set back a little further and feel the effects a little more, but that’s about it.

It’s what you do 80% of the time that matters most. December is less than 10% of the year.


Let’s not swing the pendulum from total excess in December to overcompensating out of guilt in January.


It’s totally cool to set goals for the year. I love self-improvement and getting better in all ways.

BUT…in a way that’s sustainable!

You want to look back at the end of NEXT year and say “Look how far I’ve come!” NOT, “Wow, the first six weeks of 2020 were super healthy and the rest of the year really bombed.”

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you flex that sucker, the stronger it will get.

  • Getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier to exercise, even though your bed is so comfy!
  • Choosing supplements that support your stress, your gut, your nutrition, to the extent that you cut back on your Starbucks to make that happen.
  • Meal planning on a Friday evening, postponing your date with Netflix.
  • Choosing healthier options when you dine out, where you are not always asked “Would you like fries with that?”

Self-discipline = SELF LOVE

Procrastination is a form of self-loathing.


Think about these statements from the frame of “How does this make me feel?”

I encourage you to use this question as a reference to care for yourself over the holidays.


Do you love sitting down to your mother’s shortbread and a coffee while you visit with her? Go for it!

Do you find your mood and energy dropping because you’ve stopped your exercising routine? KEEP working out! It may need to be shorter during these few weeks, but you’ll feel SO much better if you get a sweat session in or a brisk walk.

Are you too busy to eat a meal? I love to use the IN.Form protein shakes to fill the gap when I don’t have time to stop for a meal, or I need some extra protein to keep my energy up. I crave less sugar when I have a steady supply of protein during the day.

Are you surrounded by sniffling, coughing sickies? Reach out, immune support with herbs is one of my specialties. I would not be without Cat’s Claw Combination in my house to stay virus-free.


Take a few moments of solitude, slow down your breathing and racing mind. “What do I need right now? How do I want to feel right now?”

Listen to your body and give yourself what you need, if you can. If that happens to be two weeks in Mexico, well… I can’t help you there but I’m a little jealous if you’re going!

I’ve used the Stress Pak to feel more resilient during times of stress. A little extra nutritional support can make a world of difference and take the edge off fatigue and burnout.


I’m getting ready for January now, with the STEP up and SHOW up for Myself Program.
Join me in the
SHOWING up for MYSELF private Facebook group for the details coming soon!

I’d love to see you level UP with me, and flex that self-discipline muscle until it’s Wonder Woman (or Superman) strong!

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