Are You Uncomfortable With Anger?

Are you uncomfortable with anger?

For a lot of women, this is very difficult.  Especially if you’ve been used to smoothing things over and keeping the peace,

If you feel like you’re people-pleasing, that’s not who you are. That’s just what you’ve learned.

When I work with women through Gentle Trauma Release and empowerment coaching, what often happens, as women start to reclaim their sense of self and their worth, is they start to feel kinda pissed.

They start to realize how much they’ve given themselves away, or pushed down their emotions or their needs to accommodate other people.

Whether it was childhood relationships, or friendships, or work, or, very often, a romantic relationship where they realize they were gaslighted and abused, they start to get angry, sad, or depressed, and they don’t know what to do with it.

What I love is helping women release this anger in a healthy way.

It’s so cathartic, and it can be an immediate relief.  A woman will shift and the tension and the anxiety will release from her body right in front of me.

Once you can make peace with anger in a healthy way, and you’ve released the trauma, it actually is a very useful emotion, when you can channel it in a healthy way, and start to recognize what is this anger telling you,

Maybe it’s telling you that you need some boundaries here,

Maybe it’s telling you that you need to stand up for yourself.

Anger can be very useful as an energizing emotion to propel you forward when you’re able to release trauma first so that you’re not engulfed and overwhelmed in it.

I help women move through and release what comes up (eventually anger) so you can actually move forward and reclaim the sense of who you are, without feeling any attachment to needing closure from the people or situations that cause you to feel that way. 

You can move on and carry on in a healthy way and be okay with it.

Talk to me about the Gentle Trauma Release Method and see if it might be able to help you to move forward.  You’ll be surprised at the relief that you can feel in a short amount of time.

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