Are Your Coping Mechanisms Not Working Anymore?

I often work with women in their late 30s who find their coping mechanisms aren’t working anymore.

Or I’ve had clients in their 40s and 50s who feel that life has let them down and all they see is stress and struggle.

Perhaps you struggle with this too?

Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel like yourself – especially if you’ve carried this a long time, or you’ve been in survival mode the last couple of years.

Maybe you’ve tried to dig your way out of the muck, only to sink deeper – or remain stuck.

The good news is that there IS a way out.

Two big shifts I help my clients make are:

  1. Release trauma, emotional distress, and overcome that feeling of depletion.
  2. Get fit, because there is nothing that is going to make you feel better than getting fit.

I can show you how to come back to your own truth and not worry about what society or the world or your internal programming told you life needed to be.

You can let all of that go.

You can make it bigger.  You can expand it.  You can empower it more.

Combining personal training with releasing emotional distress, numbness, or dysfunction will help you feel like a different person.

And you will be a different person because you’ll show up differently in all areas of your life!

This is the awesome transformation I have watched happen over and over again with my clients!

What negative emotions are getting in your way of feeling happy, joyous, strong, confident, or worthy?

If your coping mechanisms aren’t working anymore, and you want to learn how to move forward without stress and struggle, let’s chat!

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