Is Strength Training Just For Looks?

Do you currently do any kind of strength training? If so, what do you enjoy?

If you’re not, maybe this conversation is for you – especially as you think about what strength training means for you, and how it fits in your busy life.

Is strength training just for looks?

I will preface this by saying that when you see women competing in physique competitions and things like that, these women are strength training. They are lifting weights and working very hard to look this way!

But what about if that’s not a goal of yours?

If your life is busy, demanding, scheduled, overwhelming, then this isn’t the time to think about creating the most amazing physique you’ve ever had.

For most women that I work with, the time and the capacity that they have doesn’t allow for the sculpted body.

Strength Training Isn’t Just About Having A Sculpted Physique, It’s About Empowering Your Body

I have a group of women that have just resumed training with me after all the shutdowns that affected their small group training. These are women who are in their 60s.

We’ve been going about six weeks, and here is what’s happening.

They are able to enjoy the stuff they enjoy…better!

One woman has a dog that she enters into dog shows all the time. There are a lot of demands on her to travel to these shows, as well as bathing and grooming her dog so that he’s fluffy and beautiful.

She’s noticed that her strength training is making it easier for her to handle her dog!

Another woman in our group is into bowling. She works hard all week at her job, then she lets off some steam at the bowling alley.

She’s noticed that her bothersome shoulder is now able to keep up with her bowling!

This is what I mean by empowering your body to do the activities you want to do, for however long you want to be able to do them!.

That is one of the huge benefits of strength training – even without having a sculpted physique.

Goals & Expectations

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in an emotional and energetic place that allows you to have the capacity to train four or five days a week and be a little more dialed in with your nutrition, you can absolutely have more ambitious physique goals. I’m totally up for that.

But if you’re just wondering how to take care of yourself better, and you don’t know if you have the capacity to train hard to look like an Instagram model, maybe it helps to take away the expectation that you have to look a certain way to benefit from strength training.

Body shape progress and feeling better about how your clothes fit (or how you feel when they come off) is still very achievable, but if you just focus on that before just doing the basics to feel more energetic and healthy, it’s easy to get derailed & give up before the actual foundations are built to get results

Slow And Steady Wins The Race, Especially Over Forty

If you focus on the right training program (which is my jam) and upgrade your food choices bit by bit (also my jam), then you’ll build the consistency and self discipline into your life to earn the results you desire.

You’ll feel pretty darn good about yourself, too.

Rather than just being focused on what you look like, focus on the quality of life and who you become as a person when you establish a way of life that prioritizes YOU.

If you’re over 40, you don’t have to train super hard, or do heinous stuff like burpees or deprivation diets that you will bounce back from and gain more weight.

What if we stopped that and just do slow and make steady improvements and incremental progress?

What would that look like for you? Where will you be in four months, or six months?

When you start layering in these pieces that add to your vitality, you can’t help but feel better. You’ll feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. And that’s exciting!

The truth is that doing strength training and moving your body isn’t always glamorous and sexy. It’s like flossing your teeth. I like to have my teeth. So I floss. It’s not glamorous and sexy. I do it anyway.

Same thing with resistance training and mobility training. You do the thing. And then you become THAT person WITH the results that are EARNED and that’s glamorous and sexy – who you become.

When you build these habits, and rituals that become a part of who you are, you’re no longer trying to be that person. You ARE that person. That’s exciting!

If you want some support with this, chat with me!

I’m opening up five spots for women to work with me virtually in a coaching relationship to:

  • Clear the emotional baggage and stress overload that keeps you from getting started.
  • Overcome procrastination and sabotage that makes you give up.
  • Get you from where you are now to a very strong foundation in your habits and fitness routine.
  • Navigate the demands of your life in a WAY healthier mindset than before.
  • Establish body confidence and self discipline, without an all-or-nothing approach.
  • Learn to strength train confidently in a way that works for YOUR body.
  • Move with less aches, pains & stiffness.
  • Pave the way for the empowered, energized, youthful, sexy version of YOU to emerge.

Four months from now, how will you emerge different?

I invite you to book a free Meet & Empower call with me. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire to help me know where you’re at right now, and where you want to be. Then chose a time on my calendar that’s convenient for you.

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