Can You Get Fit Without It Being So Freakin’ Hard?

What I’m hearing from a lot of you is that what you consider fit, or what you consider to be necessary for you to feel fit, is simply out of reach. 

It’s unattainable. It’s for other people, and not you. 

So let’s talk about that. 

If you’re a woman over 40, what does it mean to be fit?  To you?

Does it mean you need to lose a bunch of weight? 

Does it mean you need to tone up?

Do you need to look like a fitness model?

I see a lot of women over 40 who think they have to train hard in order to be fit.   

Perhaps you think that if what you’re doing isn’t good enough, then do it harder, and then you’ll get the results and get the body you desire.

I used to think this too.  And this is where I find a lot of women get hung up. 

In reality, when you are over 40, that’s not going to be the best approach. 

You’ve probably burned out your adrenal glands with a stressful life for years.  You’re going through hormonal changes, and your body’s like, “Hmm, my cortisol levels are already high. I don’t need to push it through the roof with some brutal workout.”

Or you think you’ve got to get on the bandwagon with dieting. 

You have to do “the thing” and do everything right, and be “all in”, which usually leads to failure as well. 

If you’re struggling with weight loss, it is hormonally driven. Your hormones are like, “We’re not cutting out all the carbs. We’re not letting our blood sugar plummet.”

So, what do you do when you’re trying to get fit and your body is saying no?

Maybe your definition of what it means to be fit needs to change a little bit.  

Are you comparing yourself now to your 25 year old self?  If so, that comparison is not realistic.  You aren’t the same person.  

You’re in a different phase of your life, and your life is different than it was even five years ago.  You’re not the same person.  You don’t have the same life. 

Whatever used to work for you, if indeed it did work, is not necessarily the right fit for you now.

Another thing to consider is this: 

Do you have the emotional capacity, and the nervous system capacity, to add things to your life right now?

Have you created that resilience? 

By now, you’ve probably developed ways of existing in the world that helped you to survive. These patterns may have started many years ago, or even from childhood.

They’re coping mechanisms.  They’re survival skills.  You may call them your flaws.  They’re probably not,  they’re just what you learned to stay safe from an unconscious level to survive and get through or be good enough.

Unfortunately, that can work against you when it’s time to really become your most badass self.

When you start to get realistic about what it means to be fit over forty, you begin to work with your body as it is right now.

Fitness for women over 40, to me, is the ability to be able to do what you want to do.  And being able to do it because you’re strong, fit, mobile, and pain-free enough to do those things. That speaks volumes to quality of life.

If there’s something that adds pleasure, or value, or enjoyment to my life, I want my body to be able to do that thing.

My lack of fitness is not going to be the reason I’m not doing something.

At 40+, you should still be able to say; “I want to feel sexy. I want to feel confident in my body.”

This doesn’t mean that you’re chasing thin and forever trying to fit into those smaller pairs of pants. 

It means you love your body. You do stuff with your body. And you think; “Yeah, I’m pretty awesome.” 

You stand up tall. You walk proud. You own it. Sexy.

And you want to feel youthful. To me. That’s a big one.  I want to feel youthful. 

IF you want to feel sexy, strong, and confident….

WITHOUT following a crazy hard workout regimen and diet….

WITHOUT requiring yourself to look like a fitness model to be good enough…

AND do whatever activities bring you joy  because your body is able to….

Let’s chat.

I can help you find a way to train your body that’s appropriate and gets you results without it being brutal.  Without being cardio heavy, or chasing thin.

I can help you overcome what feels like sabotage.

I can help you overcome procrastination and sabotage, by supporting  your nervous system and your emotions.  As you heal old patterns and become more empowered in your body, you are becoming a woman who exists differently.

You don’t need to be better at motivating yourself.  

You don’t need to try harder. 

You just need to do different. 

That is the key – the magic sauce to bring it all together, so that you emerge on the other side as a woman who feels good in her body, strong, sexy, confident, and youthful. 

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