Sonja’s Transformation From Sabotage, Guilt & Low Self-Worth To Feeling Proud Of Herself

I’m excited to share a real life story about a woman’s transformation from sabotage and guilt (in how she cared for her body) and low self-worth to feeling proud of herself, the most awesome thing I can ever hear from a woman!

Guess what…this is NOT a story of “she lost _ pounds in _ days/months” because those stories don’t reflect the powerful INNER transformation that happens when you have the courage to get underneath the struggles you’re having for a sustainable shift that’s driven by your self worth.

Check Out Sonja’s Story; Perhaps You Can Relate To Some Of It?

When I was introduced to Sonja, she was feeling out of control in her relationship with food, and was fearful of trying extra physical activity that might cause injury or pain. Her body was already hurting.

Sonja’s job was physically demanding, working long hours in positions that were not ergonomic. She is also an introvert who worked with the public with minimal breaks or downtime to recharge, and she had to bring that energy to her service all day long. (If you’re an introvert like I am, you know how much energy it takes to work with people, even if you enjoy it.)

So by the end of the day when she was starving and emotionally spent, the last thing she felt like doing was preparing a nutritious meal and eating mindfully at the table. It was more like shoes off, bra off, grab a big heaping plate and sit in front of the TV to finally unravel her nervous system while eating mindlessly to the point of discomfort.

BTW I’ve totally done this many times! Food is comforting. I can relate to sooooo much of this having worked retail for years (as an introvert) with demanding jobs that had me on my feet all day.

Sonja already had a lot of pain in her joints and back from the demands of her work, so the thought of working out (without the confidence of how to modify exercises for her needs) felt intimidating. The last thing she needed was more pain, or an injury!

She’d already tried some of the surface level options that are out there, like programs focused nutrition, meal planning, portion control and weight loss. Needless to say, they didn’t work. Has this happened for you? This makes women feel like they’ve failed.

I don’t see it that way, and I’m not surprised at all that those options didn’t work. WHY?

Why Surface Level Options Don’t Work.

The emotions, and the unconscious behaviors that are often rooted in trauma, were not being addressed. Your nervous system, unconscious beliefs about yourself, and emotions are literally running your life, so of course they’re going to show up in how you care for your body!

Sonja agreed to work with me for some coaching, so I could support her with the Gentle Trauma Release Method and Personal Empowerment Coaching.

Step by step, Sonja released some trauma she was unaware of, and healed the parts of her that were disempowered and wounded. This process shifted how she was showing up and speaking to herself. Things started getting better! She was reclaiming her power.

After a number of months, Sonja had built the foundation of her well being to the point of being ready to start working out ((YAY!)). I loved this because I knew the most empowered version of her needed to be strong!

We came up with a customized training plan just for Sonja that was appropriate to her abilities, so she could enjoy working out and feel successful, on the Ramona K Coaching app.

Here’s What Sonja Has To Say:

If this kind of transformation speaks to you, the Energized & Empowered Body session 2 will be opening soon.

This program is for you if you want to feel more energized in your life, emotionally resilient and empowered in how you care for your body, in an easily accessible program that supports you in your path.

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if you feel the urge to really show up differently for yourself like Sonja did, let’s talk about how you can do that.

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