Set Yourself Up For Success

I created something new, and this is why.

Something was missing, for far too many women, and it was keeping them from looking after their bodies.  It kept them stuck. It used to be missing for me, too.

On one hand, there’s women who’ve already established a foundation of working out, nutrition, downtime, emotional self care, healthy boundaries and sleep. Cool…this conversation is not about them.

On the other hand, there’s women who want to feel more healthy & resilient but aren’t ready or willing to do anything just yet (if you’re feeling this way because of stress and overwhelm, this would be a good time to talk to me about Gentle Trauma Release coaching to start getting relief right away).

Then there’s the woman in between, and if this is you listen up 🙂.

  • Let’s presume that you want to strengthen & energize your body & mindset. Is this you?
  • You want to feel more emotionally resilient and cared for, both in your relationship with yourself and with those close to you.
  • You want to create routines & habits that make you feel and look great!
  • You want to feel successful in your efforts.

Has this been an elusive goal so far? 

How many times have you:

  • Gone on a diet? Chances are you didn’t sustain anything from it.
  • Had an “all or nothing” mindset about upgrading your lifestyle? Either full out, or nothing and even backsliding. Stuffing down pizza and wine before you have to cut it out of your life yet again and go back to chicken, broccoli and suck.
  • Started an exercise program and quit because it was too hard, you hated it, or you got sick of trying to lose weight and said f**** it?
  • Gotten discouraged, injured, embarrassed or intimidated by the process of trying to work out? Maybe you just decided that you’re not meant to be fit?
  • Overwhelmed yourself with too many lifestyle changes at once, so you fizzled out?
  • Put off making ANY changes because you were busy? Maybe wait until things slow down and you can execute the perfect plan in 2083?

How is a woman supposed to make her fitness, mobility, nutrition and emotional well being a priority if she’s never existed like that before? Everything is either too intense and not sustainable, or plain old boring and ONLY about weight loss which gets old real quick.

If you’re like I used to be, I would hit the diets in the fall (after summer indulgences) and in the New Year (after yet another year of not changing much in my lifestyle PLUS even more holiday indulgences).

I tried to work out but I didn’t see really exciting results, didn’t really have a plan, and because I lacked confidence about what to do I just tried to DIY my approach to fitness. B-O-R-I-N-G.

There is a better way!

Here’s what I’ve done to help women break out of this disempowered pattern.. I blended my skills as a fitness trainer and a personal empowerment coach.

I created the Energized & Empowered Body program for women to feel empowered physically, emotionally and mentally with my expert guidance and understanding of the body, nervous system and emotions. 

I was determined to create a judgment free space for women to take imperfect action and feel good about how they take care of themselves.

I want you to have fun in the process, and pat yourself on the back along the way! You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

It’s so important to build a foundation of sustainable steps in your fitness, nutrition and emotional self care so you feel successful in your efforts.

The actions you take need to be right for YOU (not the opposite sex, someone 20 years younger, or who you “used to be”).

Once you’ve created a new way of existing with even a few small tweaks to how you live in your body, it starts to become part of who you are and the decision process is replaced by automation.

You just ARE different instead of TRYING all the time.

Does this sound like a breath of fresh air?

Grab your spot on the waitlist for the Energized & Empowered Body program opening soon, to be the first to hear about this exclusive opportunity. 

The feedback from the pilot program participants completely affirmed the benefits of this approach and I’ll be sharing more about what they had to say! This time around will be even better.

Join me on the waitlist and I’ll update you really soon. Invite your friends, too!

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