How To Avoid Getting Overstressed or Burnt Out During The Holidays – Part 2

How To Avoid Getting Overstressed or Burnt Out During The Holidays (Part 2)

Do the holidays feel like a Hallmark Movie gone bad, with no flannel plaid country boy coming to save you? 😉

You’re trying to “do all of the things” REALLY WELL and take care of yourself and loved ones. Something has to give, and it doesn’t need to be your well being.

Practice The Art Of Good Enough

I encourage you to practice the art of “good enough” during the holidays this year.

Ask yourself, what would “good enough” look like in this situation?

I used to do crazy amounts of baking, making my famous signature cookies that are still spoken about to this day.

I’d make baskets and plates for literally everyone in my life. Coworkers, friends, family; they all got in on the goodies. At the time, it was fun and I enjoyed it. The recipients of these treats were most pleased as well!

These days, I just don’t feel like it. So I don’t. Sorry to disappoint, I just don’t have it in me. My presence will have to do 🙂

Put Your Scale Away!

Even though I’m a fitness trainer, and I coach women in their health and in their bodies, I don’t obsess about my weight over the holidays. I don’t weigh myself.

I’m not shredded enough to lose any “hard earned gains” over the holidays, so why sweat it (pardon the pun)?. #sorrynotsorry.

I’ll still focus on some strength training, mobility and basic activity like walking (if it’s not freeze-your-a## off cold with death-defying icy sidewalks like it often is in Alberta). I’ll still take my supplements and prioritize sleep. But I WILL NOT BE weighing myself.

So please don’t do that either. Put your scale away!

Practice the art of good enough.

If you eat healthy meals four or five days of the week, you get some whole foods and protein in your diet, you eat some fruits and vegetables, take your vitamins, and then you have a couple of days that just go sideways – good enough, right? Let it go.

You’re not going to gain too much weight over the holidays unless you’re just outright crazy binging the whole time.

And if you do, there’s bigger things at play than the holidays. There’s something else here that needs to be supported. I can work with you on that AFTER the holidays.

The same is true for your body weight, your shape, your fitness, how you’re eating, and your nutrition – look at the big picture.

Keep It In Perspective – How Is Your Year Unfolding?

How is your year unfolding? Are you feeling good about how you’re showing up in your body?

Are you happy with how you’re looking after yourself?

Are you staying healthy, fit, youthful, and energetic?

If none of that is going well, there’s no use obsessing about the holidays.

Let’s talk when you’re ready to make some changes.

The way that I work with women in this process is to change how you feel in your body, physically, mentally, emotionally on the outside and on the inside. It’s a gradual, gentle, incremental process.

If you’re worried that you’re not doing your workouts, you’re not doing your strength training, you’re not doing your walking, just do good enough for the holidays.

If you normally walk for 30 minutes, then walk for ten. If you normally workout for three days a week, workout for two. Or make it shorter – 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

Instead of trying to make “perfect” meals, how about good enough? Something you can throw in the slow cooker and some frozen veggies? A frozen entree with a side salad?

You’re not going to backslide that much in a few weeks, unless you go completely bananas, and then it’s still fixable. It’s not the end of the world.

Reclaim Your Body & Rock Your Habits

In fact, if you’re wondering how you’ll FINALLY feel like you’ve got a great plan for your health, fitness and overall feeling of being EMPOWERED in your body, why don’t you go ahead and register for my upcoming event?

Before you throw yourself into the same actions as last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, that DIDN’T work LONG TERM, let’s have a refreshing talk about how you can approach things differently!

You can absolutely turn that ship around, but not by descending into the madness of well intended resolutions that fall flat within a few months.

I’d love to have you join me for this no cost workshop! Invite your friends!

Take The Pressure Off

What if you took the pressure off over the next few weeks?

Over the next few weeks, how many days are you actually doing stuff that’s really going to be that hard, or that indulgent or decadent?

What can you do to practice the art of good enough?

If you have a big event coming up for a family get together and it’s quite tiring and draining, or there’s going to be a lot of food and alcohol, what can you do to build yourself up before that?

Maybe take some supplements, have an extra early bedtime. Do a little bit of exercise.

You know, keep it real.

Take care of yourself so that when you step into whatever this commitment is that you have, you feel good about it. You’re okay. Your strength is restored. Your moods aren’t all over the place.

If You Find The Holidays Triggering…

If you’re finding that this time is incredibly triggering for other reasons, and maybe there’s a loss or a complete upheaval in your life that needs some closure, or you need some support and you just don’t feel resilient, please message me.

I support women emotionally, mentally, and physically, through the good times and through very difficult times, to get them moving as quickly as possible to feel relief, hope, resilience, and completely supported along the way.

I help women radically shift how they show up in their bodies, how they feel in their bodies, and feel in their lives. This is my unique process that I have to work with you, with your nervous system, and your emotions.

You are worthy of getting through the holidays feeling okay, not having to please everybody and doing everything. If you need to hold back, practice the art of good enough.

Let me know if this helps. I welcome your comments, or anything else that I can answer for you as we head into the holidays.

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