What If We Make Spring The NEW New Year?

Spring is here! Cue the “summer body” marketing messages.

Well…I’m in Alberta, so it still looks wintery but I know those warm coffee breaks on my deck are coming soon.

Man, I miss those! If you’re like most of my friends, we’re just ready to be rejuvenated with sunshine, the sight of literally anything alive and green, and the freedom of warmer weather.

If spring has you thinking about your summer body, you’re not alone. However, I’m not going to reinforce the message of “getting in shape” just for a specific season. If that’s what you’ve tried before, I’m willing to bet it’s not getting you the body or mental outlook you desire.

Truthfully, I’ll be the first to double down on workouts and tighten up my snacking habits when a beach vacation is coming, but for the rest of the year I’m still living in my body, too. I need an energetic, strong body ALL the time.

Would you like that? An energetic, strong body? It IS possible, you sexy thang.

Did you happen to set a New Year’s resolution in January? Ya, me neither 😉

What if we make spring the NEW New Year??

Because – This is actually the ideal time to put your desires & goals into ACTION (not January, when you’re energetically going inward and slowing down).

Woo hoo, you’re off the hook for “failed” New Year’s resolutions, party time!

NOW you can walk your talk, however…you still need to consider the demands of your current life and your emotional capacity to stretch, grow and change things up.

You need to pace yourself.

What does that look like for you, to honor your capacity as you make some changes in how you care for your body?

Here’s three quick tips:

1- Get clear on what’s most important to you right now. What outcomes do you desire the most?

For example:

  • I want to have more energy during the day so I can focus on what’s important and feel accomplished.
  • I want to eat 3 proper, nourishing meals per day so I stop getting hangry and snacking on crap.
  • I want to be in a better mood so I can be more creative, playful & fun to be around.
  • I want to have more stamina so I can enjoy outings with my friends & family.
  • I want my clothes to fit better so I’m excited when I choose what to wear and strut around with confidence.
  • I’m concerned about changes in my body with age or menopause, and I want to maintain my health & youthfulness. I don’t want to feel like an “old lady”(actual words from a client turning 60 who lifts weights like a rock star).

2- Pick one or two sustainable things you can start with.

Consider what’s a little out of your comfort zone but do-able.

For example, if your couch has an imprint of your aS% in it, and meal planning consists of Skip the Dishes:

I’m going to walk for 10 min per day 3-5 days per week and drink at least 1 L of water before noon.

OR, if your runners and sports bra actually got some use in the last 6 months, and wholesome foods land on your plate more often than not:

I’m going to revise my workout plan to prioritize strength training & mobility.

I’m going to include protein with every meal and snack.

Set an incredibly realistic plan to implement this thing you’re going to do. If you resist the urge to go “all in” initially, you’ll build a foundation to prepare you for the next step!

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Soon, you’ll be ready for more when this first thing is no big deal.

3-Build your village and get mentorship if needed.

If you’re in a rut, your habits are in a rut, your body’s in a rut, your friends are in a rut, your co-workers are in a rut and your spouse is in a rut…..hoo boy it takes Herculean strength to create motivation for you to expand your vision of WHO you ARE, what’s possible for you and how you live in your body.

What does that mean, ditch them all ? Ha ha, of course not, but you need to EXPAND your bubble, hot stuff.

I KNOW what’s possible for you (although, heck, you may surprise me) in a way that others don’t.

Do you have a process, mentorship, and community?

It may be time to build your village, you rock star!

This means creating new connections, receiving mentorship where you need it, fresh perspectives, higher standards and expectations for what’s possible, and a new sense of who you actually ARE.

Does that sound intriguing?

After years of coaching women in their fitness, and hundreds of hours of coaching calls, some patterns and common struggles emerge, and I’ll be danged if I don’t want to solve them!.

I’ve found that many women haven’t been able to create a foundation of consistent, rewarding physical and emotional self care. This results in missing out on how awesome they can feel, how hot they can look, and how they can enhance their quality of life for years to come.

That’s exactly why I created a groundbreaking program that utilizes all of the skills, life experience and client transformations I’ve been a part of as a fitness professional, personal empowerment coach and Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner.

If you’re like a lovely woman I was speaking with today, she’s been doing what’s within her reach as a post menopausal woman to maintain her health and vitality. She’s open to stepping up and strengthening her body even more, but feels unsure based on her past experiences. Big changes seem scary and overwhelming, and rightly so.

Women around my age have repeatedly tried methods of “exercise” and diets that weren’t right for them, and focused ONLY on their appearance as a reason to work out. Even then, misaligned trainers didn’t “get them” and they felt embarrassed when they couldn’t do miserable things like burpees, sit ups or push ups as if they’d just completed basic training boot camp.

In addition to that, women my age have been conditioned to put others first, caretake and perform at the expense of their own dreams, goals, and physical health. That’s a recipe for a midlife crisis if I’ve ever seen one.

We’re not doing that here, and you can reclaim your power in your BODY.

If you’d like to get really excited about YOU this spring, grab a spot on my VIP waitlist for Energized & Empowered Woman, a groundbreaking program that’ll be different than anything you’ve done before!

I can’t wait to share the details!

GET YOUR waitlist SPOT to catch the deets! (They will go fast with only 10 openings when we launch.)

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Have questions? Shoot me a message, I’d love to help.

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