Two Things You Need To See And Feel Your Worth

Can we talk about your worth?

How you see your worth affects how you show up in literally everything; the type of relationships you’re in, the people you spend your time with, what you put your energy into, the expectations you have at work for yourself, and the ability to speak up and know your value.

Your sense of worth affects everything, especially how you treat yourself – being willing to look after yourself physically, emotionally, mentally.

It’s kind of a big deal!

I want to bring up two things that you need if you want to finally feel and see your worth, truly and authentically, not just surface level.

Not in a way that can be taken away, like outside validation for your achievements, your accomplishments, your performance, how you please others, or how you look.

In a way that doesn’t change.

1) You Need A Little Courage

The first thing that you need to start seeing your worth is courage. You’re going to need some courage.

It takes courage to step a little bit into discomfort to gently uncover and release what has limited or completely distorted your sense of who you are.

It may seem easier to just stay numb, distracted, or super busy.

Let me give you an example:

A wonderful client of mine has given me permission to share some of her words, and I’ll just call her “J”.

I started working with her about a year ago (with Gentle Trauma Release and Empowerment coaching), and we are both celebrating how far she’s come. Not everyone needs to work with me for a year, but that sometimes is a wonderful option when life has taken a toll on you for too long and you just need to get to the place where you can maintain your well being.

What was really exciting is that she said to me, in her words, “I finally see my worth, I’m finally seeing it!”

This is after decades of not feeling worthy, and not feeling good enough!

When I first met “J”, she had every right to feel hopeless.  She’d already tried many things to feel better (for YEARS), and she still ended up falling back into anxiety, depression, physical pain, and feeling alone.

Rightfully so considering the type of challenges she’d been through in life. There’s trauma behind it. This trauma had affected her body, emotions, and her sense of self worth.

Now we’re celebrating that she’s seeing her worth – not just seeing it, but feeling it, too.

If you’re someone who’s struggled with seeing your worth and not feeling good enough, you can probably imagine what a victory this is – what a beautiful thing this is – to see and feel your worth for the first time.

For “J”, this took courage. It took courage for her to step forward and allow me to support her, be vulnerable, and take a chance without truly knowing how things would go.

2) You Need To Be Willing To Get Uncomfortable

The second thing you need to embrace so that you can feel your worth is to be willing to be uncomfortable.

Here’s why:

“J” didn’t come into the world feeling “not good enough”. Neither did you.

When you come into the world, you don’t question your worth. But then life gets to you. People get to you. Sometimes, rejection or even abuse and dysfunction get to you. It affects your sense of self unconsciously.

There is some discomfort in acknowledging and feeling what you need to feel so that you can release it and eventually feel free of it.  Then you can start to rise up into who you really are and authentically feel it and own it.

There’s discomfort in that. Sometimes it’s easier to stay numb!

There were times for my client, “J”, when difficult emotions came up through this process of acknowledging and being really raw and truthful with herself about what she’d been through and what was lost in it, and the injustice of it all.

It’s raw.  It’s uncomfortable. It’s very temporary, though. J was able to move through this and get more comfortable just being with herself.

With the process of the Gentle Trauma Release Method, women are equipped with the tools to move through “difficult”  emotions.  They don’t stay there.  Difficult emotions are released from the body, and they start to feel resilient.

However, it still takes courage and discomfort, to be honest with yourself and confront what it is that you really need to release and heal. It may not even be obvious to you right now.

It takes a little bit of courage to step out of your comfort zone when feeling numb, distracted or super busy feels safer and more comfortable.

When these acts of courage and facing discomfort lead to you finally feeling and seeing your worth, the payoff is huge!

It Takes Courage & Discomfort, But It’s Worth It!

My client, “J”, had courage. She embraced the discomfort. I walked her through this.  I walked this journey with her. She doesn’t need to be perfect. But now she sees her worth and feels it on a genuine level that’s magical.

When you genuinely believe in your worth, you’re going to show up differently in every aspect of your life. How you take care of and speak about your body, the quality of your relationships, your work, in every interaction you have with yourself in your life.

That’s amazing!

If you’re able to summon some courage, and you feel like you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone just a little bit, then I’d love you to know that if someone like “J” who had every reason to feel hopeless after literally decades of carrying the effects of trauma in her body and trying everything, you can do this too.  And it only takes  just a little bit of courage.

If you want to have that little spark of desire, and you want more for yourself…

If you don’t want to feel like this anymore…

I know it took courage for me to shift out of an unhealthy pattern that was making me sick, burnt out, and not feeling like myself any more in my body.

It took courage for me to heal my heart, stop caring about how I was perceived by others (literally hating myself at times), and start caring a heck of a lot more about how I loved and accepted myself.

It took courage for me to change careers, become an entrepreneur, and allow my business to evolve continually along with my personal growth.

Let’s talk!  I’d love to hear your story and witness you on the other side of it, when you finally really see your worth in a way that you haven’t before.

You’re always worthy of coming to know who you really are, owning it, and feeling good about yourself even as you work towards growth and improvement.

I’d love to support you if this is something that you’d like more of in your life.

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