How Nature Can Reset Your Nervous System

How nature can reset your nervous system.

One of my favorite ways to reset my nervous system is to get out in nature.

Even if I just take a 10 minute walk outside in the sunlight, among the trees, grass, and birds – it changes everything.

I find that as soon as I step outside, my energy changes.

Whatever was up in my head or weighing down in my body or stuck in my throat, it just starts to move out.

Resetting my energy in nature is important to me for many reasons.

It helps me go through my day with my nervous system feeling resilient so I can think, be creative, and connect with people in a healthy way.

It also helps me do what I need to do much more effectively.

As a coach, my work is people-oriented. Even if I’m just crafting an email, or working on someone’s program behind the scenes, I need to have good, inviting, settled, and grounded energy behind it.

How am I going to do that if I’m a frantic mess, or I’m feeling low, or I’m holding on to something? I can’t!

If you’re used to your default being “just go until you collapse at the end of the day,” that’s probably not paying off for you.

If you’re so used to existing a certain way, then you have to make very intentional decisions about how you’re going to show up differently so that your body feels safe, resilient, and you feel like yourself again – so you’re not just laying your body down on the altar of getting shit done.

When burnout becomes a default, that’s not helping you.

I invite you to consider how you can reset, whether it’s this moment, this weekend, throughout your week, how can you reset?

This will serve you in multiple ways. It will help you to come out of that default, push, push, go go that you might have defaulted to.

For me, if I find that I’m ruminating too much about things, or holding on to something that I’m trying to control or fix or change, or make happen, and I need to let go, I’ve got to do something that changes my state – my physical state, not just thinking my way out of it.

So I get out in nature, or I do a workout or stretching.

If it’s not realistic to go out for a two hour hike, just get outside for five minutes, or schedule that time in between your tasks.

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